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Wednesday Night League

Tee Times

Play with your own foursome or join other singles. The tee will be open for WNL starting at 4pm, and you must register your group via Golf Genius starting Sunday 12pm thru Wednesday 2pm. For last minute changes please all the golf shop. When you sign up through Golf Genius, if you don’t fill up the foursome it will remain open for someone to join your group. People abusing this and putting in names just so others can't join will be publicly shamed. Whoa.

Tips for Golf Genius Account Setup

From a desktop/laptop:

  1. From the Tee Sheets menu, select Open Tee Times Registration
  2. Select the date of play
  3. Click "select" next to the tee time you wish to reserve. Your name should automatically drop into that tee time.

    NOTE: You will have 15 minutes to complete the reservation and you will also have the ability to add 3 other members to your group. That can be done by clicking the button at the top of the tee sheet that says Add Another Player.

  4. Once you are finished making your tee time, hit Done in the bottom right hand corner

From your Mobile device (Varies between iPhones and Androids):

  1. Click the Menu Bar or select member portal
  2. Click Tee Sheets
  3. Click Open Tee Times Registration
  4. Continue following the steps above for using a desktop/laptop

You do not need a GGID number to log in and reserve your tee time. GGID numbers will be provided on the day of play for mobile score entry.

Weekly Prize Money

To pay your WNL $20 entry fee, Venmo @PiedmontMGA. If payment is received after 4pm on the Wednesday you're playing, your score will not qualify. No exceptions, so there. If you need to withdraw from WNL after you completed payment, please contact a MGA board member to receive a refund.

First, second, and third place are paid out weekly. Birdie shots are welcome, and uncut gross birdies are paid from the birdie pool.

Nightly Scoring

Scoring is based on a quota Stableford system. Quota= Your men’s blue tees handicap subtracted from 36 divided by 2. For example, if your handicap = 16, 36-16=20 divided by 2 makes your quota 10.

Points for a hole are determined by gross Stableford system:
Double Bogey or worse = -1
Bogey = 1
Par = 2
Birdie = 3
Eagle = 4

Finish is determined by the difference between your Stableford points and your quota. For example, if you score 12 points and your quota is 10, your difference is +2.

Kaplan Wealth Management Race to the Shootout

Top 25 and ties in the WNL Standings make the shootout.

Shootout Champions

2021 - Cliff Collins

2020 - Chip Cox & Sundu Venkataramini

2019 - Kevin Reynolds

2018 - Jeff Williams

2017 - Cliff Boyd

2016 - Craig Burnett

2015 - David Schweizer

2014 - Scott Koval

2013 - Scott Kubic

2012 - Tom Mapp

2011 - Brad Cutsinger

2010 - Brad Cutsinger

2009 - Bill Cessna

2008 - Devin Finan

2007 - Kirk Fox

2006 - Joe Davis

2005 - Kevin Cerretani

2004 - Gary Titus

2003 - Bob Dickey

2002 - Roy Hart